Search For Reliability In PCB Fabrication

Printed circuit boards have been the key to make complex technology into reality. Given the competition, you must look for a PCB fabrication firm that will provide accurate, high-quality circuit board that totally captures your design. You must not look for any typical PCB makers. You have to choose a company that embraces challenge and is willing to convert your designs into reality.

For over 27 years of service, we, the Imagineering, Inc., retained our standard that we had established in the industry because of our excellent turnarounds and pricing for our products. Our expertise extends from the most basic PCB design frameworks up to complex and advanced prototypes through the use of advanced technology on PCB fabrication.

Printed Circuit BoardWe can be your trusted producer of Class 2 PCB prototypes. These circuit boards are made for Dedicated Service Electronic products such as complex machines for business, communication equipments and instruments that require high performance, extended life and uninterrupted service. We guarantee you that our PCBs meet your specifications.

We focus on PCB fabrication technologies including Flex Rigid Flex, and Military. For high-quality fabrication, we also offer substrates such as aluminum core PCBs, Arlon, Necro and many more. Our capabilities reach further with much higher wiring densities and finer lines and spaces. We can do so much more for you given the fact that we have expert engineers and scientists that are highly-skilled in material science and engineering.

Wanting to create the best PCB board but doesn’t know where to start? You can count on us. Aside from PCB fabrication, our expertise extends towards PCB design, PCB layout and PCB assembly. Our vast capabilities have no limits as much as our commitment is towards giving you the best prototype you can have.

Our PCB fabrication equipments are critical in achieving the high-quality prototypes that you desire.

To achieve superior product characteristics and finish the product on time, we constantly replace parts of our equipments to increase suitability. We continually do our best to procure the latest state-of-the-art PCB assembly equipments. With our strict and stringent quality assurance management system, we make sure that our equipments are highly effective and well-calibrated before use.

Pcb fabricationGiven our equipments, you can now get rid of stencils, added cost and time for manufacturing your prototypes.We employ the jetting technology of attaching the solder paste in the circuit board. With our non-contact process using our unique tools, several advantages are achieved as compared to the former method of dispensing or standard screen printing. With this technology, right amounts of paste are soldered by doing single dot build-up process for each single-mount technology (SMT) pad. As of the present, complex requirements must be met to conceptualize a PCB that can operate a certain electronic device. Through jetting technology, these challenges are well-accommodated.

Our all-in-one mounting machines do more for your projects. With a dual system that combines high precision and high speed mount heads, linear drive motor technology and advanced vision systems, our state-of-the-art pick and place machine can place parts at a peak speed of 40,000 components per hour. We are capable of mounting a wide mix of component types that will surely result with a product that embodies the excellence that you are looking for.

PCB AssemblyWe also have aims of delivering your products to the market as fast as possible and hand in affordable and cost-effective prices. To achieve that, we have pre-loaded profiles that are suited for all the baking requirements of your components. We have 8-zone reflow ovens that have capabilities of handling various types of profiles to match your components. If you already have the needed components for your project, you can simply send your kit to us and we will start on it immediately. Our inventory process ensures that your components are secured before performing the assembly process.

We understand that you want the best solution to your problem. You want to obtain a prototype that exactly matches your needs and not something that the firm wants to sell to you. Through our vast connections with regards to purchasing the best materials for your PCB needs, we make sure that you will always be satisfied with the end result of our products.

Our service towards our customers has been escalated further by offering Instant Online Turn Key quotes feature. We are the first in the industry to bring this feature online. You will never have to wait for days or weeks to avail PCB quotes. Our revolutionized system allows you to simply upload your bill of materials (BOM), define your columns and then you are on your way to obtain the fastest online turnkey quotes in the industry.

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The Beautiful Tradition of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins can be small coins typically about 1 ½ to 2 inch in diameter or customized medallions that have an organization’s insignia or emblem. These can be made of pewter, copper and nickel with a customized finish.

There are different versions of when these coins were first used in the military. The oldest story is from the times of the Roman Empire. Soldiers were awarded coins for their loyalty and service in the legion.

One popular story is of an unfortunate airman during World War I who was shot down behind enemy lines. The Germans took all of his possessions except for the coin given to him by his superior officer. The coin had his squadron’s insignia imprinted on it. When the airman escaped, he was able to reach France. But as bad luck may have it, he was suspected to be a spy. His coin saved him from a firing squad as it identified him as one of the allies.

Challenge coins

In almost all reported wars, challenge coins have been used to award bravery and recognize a serviceman’s patriotism.

In modern times, the military continue to use coins as part of their culture of recognizing military personnel. Coins from Presidents are considered one of the highest honors an enlisted serviceman can receive.

The challenge coin got its name from a tradition of presenting these items as proof of membership in a squadron. Often members of the military whether in current service or a veteran would meet up to socialize. When asking each other what squadron or which commanding officer they serve under, a proof was often needed as most are out of uniform. This was considered as a challenge. All one needed to do was to show his coin to win. The usual wager for a challenge was a pint or a bottle.

In recent years, these coins have slowly found its way to civilians.  Organizations and companies use them for various reasons.


Sales companies have started using coins as a way to recognize representatives who reach their sales quotas. It encourages a friendly competition while reinforcing the company’s focus on sales.

Companies that provide service such as customer assistance or technical support use these coins to award excellent job performance or customer commendations. Since these kinds of companies depend on their customers for continued business, the coins are a great way to inspire dedication and adherence to policies.

Whatever performance indicator a company uses, challenge coins effectively boost employee morale by recognizing hard work. These are visual representations of a person’s success at his job.
Milestone Marker

Organizations such as support groups use these coins to celebrate milestones reached. For example, an individual undergoing rehabilitation for substance abuse receives a coin for being clean for certain periods of time. This is a way to help a person overcome their addiction.


When a person joins a club or organization, one of the reasons is usually the need to be a part of something exclusive. The coin helps reinforce this exclusivity as it is a visual proof of one belonging to a special group.

The coins also promote camaraderie as it helps members recognize each other in gatherings. For large organizations, this is a convenient way to socialize and discuss matters that concern their group.

Spreads Awareness

Fund Raising activities to support a cause are quite common nowadays. Organizations use challenge coins to encourage donors and members to continue their support. These could be sold through auctions or be given as mementos for the events.

Reward Excellence

International organizations use coins to recognize excellence in different specialty fields. This includes journalism, research or humanitarian achievements by professionals who are passionate about their crafts. The coins are distinguished awards that affirm one’s talent and dedication.

Recognize Loyalty

Loyalty is an integral factor in an organization’s or company’s success. Often this is overlooked and unappreciated. However, in recent years, loyalty awards have become more common and this has encouraged members and employees to stay longer. Coins awarded make the recipient feel valued and encourage a better performance. No longer is loyal service only recognized when the person retires.

Your company or organization can also use challenge coins to reward performance or promote a cause you support. You can have your own coins customized for whatever purpose you need. You can choose the metal and finish for the coin that will bear your emblem or insignia for an award that is sure to delight your employees.

Start creating the beautiful challenge coin tradition for your organization. You can get more ideas about challenge coins by visiting Challengecoins4less.

Finding the Golf Ball That Suits You

People who like trying different things live by the saying “beginner’s luck.” Golfing, like any other sport, requires focus, precision and practice. The term beginner’s luck might hardly work here because this sport involves an open field and considers the power of your stance. It might seem easy to take a swing but when you’re just starting to get the hang of this sport, there is a high possibility your ball will end up in the woods or in the water.

To make your golfing experience fun and educational, you must search for the best tips from real-life golfers, from books, TV shows, or the Internet. Also, if you’re just beginning a rookie golfer hoping for the best aim possible, it is better to be practical with the materials that you use. You don’t want to keep losing golf balls at every round and end up buying the same ones.

However, if you’re a dedicated golf trainee and you have saved up for this experience, you can spend your savings on some golfing essentials that will be worth the time and the fun.
Here are some of the things that golfers should consider when collecting their golfing must-haves:

Look for used golf balls

golfAgain, the chance that you’ll lose your ball during your first hit is a sure catastrophe. It is very advisable that you stay away from buying expensive golf balls. Talk to golfers and ask if they can lend you a couple of used golf balls so you’ll save yourself from the regret that will come if you make a bad hit. If the golfer asks you to purchase it from him, then bargain up to the lowest price that you can make.

You can also try going online to see if there are people selling their used golf balls and other golfing materials for a lower price. It is only rational for a first timer to cheap out on their golfing needs so you can invest for your future in golfing. Purchase cheaper golf balls and golf club sets so you can save for a ball retriever. Ball retrievers can often lead you to find other used balls in the water or in the woods so you’ll have more resources in the long run.

Some golf courses have shops which sell cheaper golf balls that they retrieve along the perimeter of their field. Visit these shops and you’ll be surprised by the number of cheaper second-hand balls that you can get from them.

Get Logo Golf Balls

If you are the type of sentimental rookie who holds everything you do dearly, you can try having notable brands custom design your golf balls set according to your preference. If you have an important emblem or logo that you want plastered on your stuff, go visit sports outlets that allow you to put your trademark on your golfing materials.

Golf balls with personal logos make it easier for a golfer to determine your ball from other people’s ball. It also highlights your personality and adds uniqueness to your experience.

Have A Customized Golf Ball

If a logo golf ball brings creativeness to your golfing essentials, customized golf balls can give the same singularity to other golfers who are dear to you. Customized golf balls are perfect gifts to a loved one who shares the same excitement and passion to golfing as you.

Not only customized golf balls bring attention to your golfing needs, they can also give other people a sense of how you present yourself in the golf course. This idea might even inspire other golfers near you to have their own stuff customized as well.

A lot of golfing brands add prints and patterns to golf balls for a specific price. If you’re going to have your golfer’s bag customized, make sure that the design you give them is precise.

Just because golfing requires full concentration doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the fun that comes with it. Be adventurous with your experience for a more memorable golfing time.

Good locations

When investing in real estate, you need to be extra careful as it involves a lot of money. Same thing when you are buying a new condominium unit whether for reselling or living in it.

In choosing your condominium, it is not enough that it looks nice and neat or it impressed you the first time you see it. Remember that condominiums are long term investments and to purchase one on impulse is not a good thing to do. To avoid getting yourself into this kind of a mess, here are some pros and cons that you need to look deeper into before you purchase a unit.

Advantages of and Buying a Condo Unit

Good locations

Good locationsCondominiums are usually located in areas where single housing units are very expensive due to the high market value of the land. It is usually constructed in the city where single housing units are hard to find.

Buyers, often times prefer condominiums especially in urban areas because of its affordability and accessibility to work.

In-House Amenities

Living in a condominium lets you avail of the in-house amenities provided by the developer such as a fitness center, tennis courts, swimming pools, sauna, and clubhouse. The use of these amenities could be a great saving to your budget. Having it outside could have caused you more expenses.

Low Maintenance Cost

Though you can avail of many services extended by the condo community, you are not directly responsible for maintaining anything outside your unit. Of course, you need to pay in for maintenance fees but you won’t bother yourself with directly contacting or paying for services you need outside of your unit.

Therefore, it is important to know every fee and charges that you have to pay in addition to the cost of the unit that you are buying. Also inquire if there are other future developments that can affect your monthly payment or any major addition to your monthly payments and amortization.

Size Just Perfect for Single or Couples

Some prefer to buy condo units rather than a single housing unit because of lesser space to maintain or clean. The unit is perfect for a single tenant or a newly-wed couple because of the lesser responsibilities attached to it. Besides, you can just go in and out of your unit without the usual bother of securing-everything-before-you-leave worries when living alone in a single-detached home.


Cost-EffectiveThere is quite a big difference in the cost that you will be spending for the same size of a housing unit in a condominium and a single-detached located in the same place. You are most likely to pay more for the single-detached unit while you will be saving more on your expenses when you have a unit in a condominium. This, of course, includes the cost for using the free access to the condominium’s amenities.

However, it is important to know how much you will be paying for the condo community fees before buying the unit so you can be able to compare the cost of the two.

Better Security

It is typical for condominiums and other real estate housing villages to have a tight security for the safety of all the residents though it can vary in styles. Some may include an entrance with a security code, a security and fully-equipped with cameras. Others are lax with their security. Better inquire from the administration regarding matters relative to security before buying your unit.

Disadvantages of Living in a Condo Unit

Maintenance Fees

While you have the benefits of living in a condominium, these are not free. You need to pay a monthly maintenance fee to the association which is in charge of maintaining the whole building outside of your unit. Such fees are still minimal in comparison to the maintenance and amenities charges when keeping up your own single home.

Limited Value When Resold

If you are buying a condominium for the purpose of reselling it, then you will be a bit dismayed to know that the value of a condominium unit does not appreciate as the rate of a single housing unit. Nonetheless, there’s no guarantee that this will remain the same in the future.

Limited privacy and difficulty in financing are some additional disadvantages of investing in a condominium unit.

Owning and investing in a condominium unit can be a good real estate investment depending on your preference and lifestyle, for more details visit li realestatefinder website. Somehow, it’s always important to consider all the pros and cons before rushing to buy anything of great value!

A Guide To Buying Storage Containers

It takes a little bit of planning and knowledge to know what storage container is best for your business or personal use. Storage containers are brilliant means of adding space, outbuilding and storage solutions for your home/business/property. Before deciding what storage container to buy read this expert’s guide in buying storage containers.

Do you have enough space? 

Storage containers are large metal boxes that take up a lot of space. The largest units are about 40 feet tall and 8 inch wide. The first thing you need to do before buying a storage container is to ensure that you have enough space to put your storage container. Aside from the space for the container itself, you should also take into consideration the space for the truck that is going to deliver the container.

The total amount of space you will need should be twice the length of the container, plus 10 feet in a straight line for the delivery truck or trailer. Many people think they have enough space as long as they have 40ft but this is a popular misconception and problems could arise if the location is not suited for your storage container.

Is it suitable for your location? 

TransportWhere should you put your storage container? Storage containers if refurbished and fixed can look good in your backyard, but as mentioned before, you have to be sure that there will be enough space for it. Also, you have to know the restrictions in your area. Some sub developments, counties and cities have restrictions against containers.

Do you need to install foundations? 

If you bought a new storage container and want it to be in good condition all the time, then it is best to put it with a foundation. If you’re in an area where it is always rainy, damp and the ground will be wet, you might want to build a foundation or a drainage system just so you can keep the bottom dry.

What are the expenses? 

Expect many expenses when you buy a storage container. If you are going to ship it long distance from the port, you might be surprised of the delivery fee it will cost you. It is best that you get the delivery by tilt bed roll off truck so you won’t need a huge forklift to position your container. It is also recommended that you regularly give your container a paint job, otherwise it will rust easily.

Why you need ventilation. 

Storage containers can become freezers or ovens depending on the temperature of your area. Insulation and ventilation is extremely recommended.

Weatherproof Your Container 

If you live in a location that has varying weather conditions, you should pay close attention to the quality, and the materials used for the container. You can opt to buy containers built from stainless steel, corrugated steel, or other weatherproof materials that increases its durability.

Are you worried about security? 

Another thing to consider is the prospect of thieves breaking into your storage containers. To make sure that your container will be safe, put it in a site where you or other people can visit it regularly. Storage containers placed in isolated areas would be a quick target for thieves.

If you still worry about thieves in your area, maybe it’s time to consider locking mechanisms. Before buying a container, you can have it modified so it can have locks, additional doors or security system. See this sample of price range for locking mechanisms:

  • $15 -standard padlock
  • $76 -double crossbar lock
  • $85 – bolt on lock box
  • $87 -double door porta bolt w/lock.
  • $90 -standard lock box

How can you ensure you are getting a good product? 

If this is your first time buying a storage container, you can hire an inspector from the Institute of International Container Lessors to inspect the container for you or you can inspect it yourself by learning more about storage containers.

Blank billboard in underground passage

A lot of people are now aware of digital signage but perhaps they are not sure if it is necessary for them to use it. There are several things that should be looked at if an establishment considers investing in digital advertising. The primary concern would be the customer traffic patterns. Keep in mind that potential customers may not make an effort to notice the product ad so there has to be a certain awareness of who the targeted audience is and their traffic patterns in order to cleverly place digital ads.

Blank billboard in underground passageRetailers must also be aware that digital signage is not a stand-alone medium because there are other important factors to consider. An excellent, durable, dependable technology is needed. Digital ad tools have been made extensively better through the years and created to operate 24 hours a day, all year round. In recent years, there have also been more important developments in the stability and quality of the displays. They are now built to keep going for so many years, continuously running without losing image quality.

They should also be able to identify and be familiar with their customers. A lot of establishments believe that they are aware of their customers but this actually involves recognizing them profoundly. In this assessment, it would be best to discuss this with an advertising expert. They are quite aware of the patterns of different types of consumers as well as their likes and dislikes. After achieving true familiarity with the consumers, retailers have to create a content design. The content has to ring a bell with the target audience so the better they are familiar with them, the better they can create a content that would attract them.

It has been said that content has presented some problems for people who have adapted the digital signage technology early. So as to truly get the best out of the digital signs, a professional content should be displayed. Retailers may need the help of professional designers who are familiar with the latest trend in the market and the most effective digital advertising strategy. They may have the most advanced digital sign tool but without the appropriate content, the Return of Investment (ROI) will be low.

The content of the digital signage should also be created for the users and not just the viewers. These people should be able to get information out of the display. Presenting information that the customer has to look at on a regular basis would make sure that they will come back over and over again to that digital sign to see that information. Advertising content like time, news, weather, sports information, etc. are all leaning more toward the users rather than the viewers. People have become familiar with this kind of technology for basic info.

Digital display can be used to attract the users to look at it on a regular basis. For example, the temperature may be displayed along with your advertising content. People would check out the digital sign to know the temperature outside and all at once, they will also see message of the company. If the only thing on the digital sign is the message, customers might just glance at it one time and will not look for it again to truly grasp the content.

Before starting to venture in digital signage, business owners must assess the tools that they have. Their sales materials, any social media promos and website are excellent content sources for the digital ad. They might also want to find out the track record of the ones that have been successful and those that weren’t that useful in having a better campaign.

Media Sign Pro is the most simple and economical digital signage solution.