July 2016

Search For Reliability In PCB Fabrication

Printed circuit boards have been the key to make complex technology into reality. Given the competition, you must look for a PCB fabrication firm that will provide accurate, high-quality circuit board that totally captures your design. You must not look for any typical PCB makers. You have to choose a company that embraces challenge and is willing to convert your designs into reality.

For over 27 years of service, we, the Imagineering, Inc., retained our standard that we had established in the industry because of our excellent turnarounds and pricing for our products. Our expertise extends from the most basic PCB design frameworks up to complex and advanced prototypes through the use of advanced technology on PCB fabrication.

Printed Circuit BoardWe can be your trusted producer of Class 2 PCB prototypes. These circuit boards are made for Dedicated Service Electronic products such as complex machines for business, communication equipments and instruments that require high performance, extended life and uninterrupted service. We guarantee you that our PCBs meet your specifications.

We focus on PCB fabrication technologies including Flex Rigid Flex, and Military. For high-quality fabrication, we also offer substrates such as aluminum core PCBs, Arlon, Necro and many more. Our capabilities reach further with much higher wiring densities and finer lines and spaces. We can do so much more for you given the fact that we have expert engineers and scientists that are highly-skilled in material science and engineering.

Wanting to create the best PCB board but doesn’t know where to start? You can count on us. Aside from PCB fabrication, our expertise extends towards PCB design, PCB layout and PCB assembly. Our vast capabilities have no limits as much as our commitment is towards giving you the best prototype you can have.

Our PCB fabrication equipments are critical in achieving the high-quality prototypes that you desire.

To achieve superior product characteristics and finish the product on time, we constantly replace parts of our equipments to increase suitability. We continually do our best to procure the latest state-of-the-art PCB assembly equipments. With our strict and stringent quality assurance management system, we make sure that our equipments are highly effective and well-calibrated before use.

Pcb fabricationGiven our equipments, you can now get rid of stencils, added cost and time for manufacturing your prototypes.We employ the jetting technology of attaching the solder paste in the circuit board. With our non-contact process using our unique tools, several advantages are achieved as compared to the former method of dispensing or standard screen printing. With this technology, right amounts of paste are soldered by doing single dot build-up process for each single-mount technology (SMT) pad. As of the present, complex requirements must be met to conceptualize a PCB that can operate a certain electronic device. Through jetting technology, these challenges are well-accommodated.

Our all-in-one mounting machines do more for your projects. With a dual system that combines high precision and high speed mount heads, linear drive motor technology and advanced vision systems, our state-of-the-art pick and place machine can place parts at a peak speed of 40,000 components per hour. We are capable of mounting a wide mix of component types that will surely result with a product that embodies the excellence that you are looking for.

PCB AssemblyWe also have aims of delivering your products to the market as fast as possible and hand in affordable and cost-effective prices. To achieve that, we have pre-loaded profiles that are suited for all the baking requirements of your components. We have 8-zone reflow ovens that have capabilities of handling various types of profiles to match your components. If you already have the needed components for your project, you can simply send your kit to us and we will start on it immediately. Our inventory process ensures that your components are secured before performing the assembly process.

We understand that you want the best solution to your problem. You want to obtain a prototype that exactly matches your needs and not something that the firm wants to sell to you. Through our vast connections with regards to purchasing the best materials for your PCB needs, we make sure that you will always be satisfied with the end result of our products.

Our service towards our customers has been escalated further by offering Instant Online Turn Key quotes feature. We are the first in the industry to bring this feature online. You will never have to wait for days or weeks to avail PCB quotes. Our revolutionized system allows you to simply upload your bill of materials (BOM), define your columns and then you are on your way to obtain the fastest online turnkey quotes in the industry.

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