A Guide To Buying Storage Containers

It takes a little bit of planning and knowledge to know what storage container is best for your business or personal use. Storage containers are brilliant means of adding space, outbuilding and storage solutions for your home/business/property. Before deciding what storage container to buy read this expert’s guide in buying storage containers.

Do you have enough space? 

Storage containers are large metal boxes that take up a lot of space. The largest units are about 40 feet tall and 8 inch wide. The first thing you need to do before buying a storage container is to ensure that you have enough space to put your storage container. Aside from the space for the container itself, you should also take into consideration the space for the truck that is going to deliver the container.

The total amount of space you will need should be twice the length of the container, plus 10 feet in a straight line for the delivery truck or trailer. Many people think they have enough space as long as they have 40ft but this is a popular misconception and problems could arise if the location is not suited for your storage container.

Is it suitable for your location? 

TransportWhere should you put your storage container? Storage containers if refurbished and fixed can look good in your backyard, but as mentioned before, you have to be sure that there will be enough space for it. Also, you have to know the restrictions in your area. Some sub developments, counties and cities have restrictions against containers.

Do you need to install foundations? 

If you bought a new storage container and want it to be in good condition all the time, then it is best to put it with a foundation. If you’re in an area where it is always rainy, damp and the ground will be wet, you might want to build a foundation or a drainage system just so you can keep the bottom dry.

What are the expenses? 

Expect many expenses when you buy a storage container. If you are going to ship it long distance from the port, you might be surprised of the delivery fee it will cost you. It is best that you get the delivery by tilt bed roll off truck so you won’t need a huge forklift to position your container. It is also recommended that you regularly give your container a paint job, otherwise it will rust easily.

Why you need ventilation. 

Storage containers can become freezers or ovens depending on the temperature of your area. Insulation and ventilation is extremely recommended.

Weatherproof Your Container 

If you live in a location that has varying weather conditions, you should pay close attention to the quality, and the materials used for the container. You can opt to buy containers built from stainless steel, corrugated steel, or other weatherproof materials that increases its durability.

Are you worried about security? 

Another thing to consider is the prospect of thieves breaking into your storage containers. To make sure that your container will be safe, put it in a site where you or other people can visit it regularly. Storage containers placed in isolated areas would be a quick target for thieves.

If you still worry about thieves in your area, maybe it’s time to consider locking mechanisms. Before buying a container, you can have it modified so it can have locks, additional doors or security system. See this sample of price range for locking mechanisms:

  • $15 -standard padlock
  • $76 -double crossbar lock
  • $85 – bolt on lock box
  • $87 -double door porta bolt w/lock.
  • $90 -standard lock box

How can you ensure you are getting a good product? 

If this is your first time buying a storage container, you can hire an inspector from the Institute of International Container Lessors to inspect the container for you or you can inspect it yourself by learning more about storage containers.